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I need to admit, I strongly dislike before and after photos. I believe that health and happiness is not determined by our physical appearance and beauty is not defined by size or shape. I also believe that said photos are triggering and can lead to an unachievable, unhealthy yearn for physical change. However, in this line of work it's difficult to obtain business without sharing physical results. I am open and welcome to alternative suggestions.

My approach to fitness and nutrition is organic, listen to your body and don't do anything you wouldn't continue to do for the rest of your life. I am here to help you form truly healthy lifelong habits. - Chelsie Croxall

"I was a member at the commercial gym where Chelsie started her training career, it was obvious she did not fit the cookie-cutter trainer mold- she was so much more! Chelsie opening Healthy Obsession Fitness was the best decision she could have ever made. Women can now experience REAL health and fitness with a trainer who truly cares. Anyone can call themselves a “Personal Trainer”, they can have 100 certifications but what really makes a trainer? The integrity and heart she puts into every client is inspiring. If you are not succeeding, she is not succeeding- she goes beyond the call of Personal Trainer. We refer to Chels as the Organic Trainer because of her organic methods, avoidance of any chemicals entering the body and her realness. Chelsie gives it to you straight and is not scripted. On our flight home from Costa Rica Chelsie asked if I would be the guinea pig for her latest endeavor. I jumped at the opportunity and wow was it worth it!! Bikini obsession changed my life, not only to lose weight but to eat healthier and lifted my fitness levels. I was never that person to watch what I eat and really care about what I was putting in my body. I am now aware of what foods cause me inflammation, digestion issues, and fatigue. I knew this was serious for her and I couldn’t let her down but what I realized after my first month was how much my body loved her design. Weeks went by and I noticed a change in my body and fitness level. I was running longer, lifting heavier and had no cravings. Usually, I dread working out but after noticing changes I was excited and wanted more! I lost a total of 20 pounds in 3 months! Anyone can do this it’s designed to sustain and you will see changes. I feel so lucky to be involved in bikini obsession, it’s the first thing that I can maintain and I always refer back to it when I have a trip or event approaches."

- Kaityn Driver

"Last year I contacted Chelsie about boot camps and was happy with getting my body back into something that was good for it. It wasn’t enough for me, as I only felt I had to be accountable two nights a week and that was enough. It wasn’t. Just over three months ago, I contacted Chelsie again about Healthy Obsession and its new lifestyle program Bikini Obsession. This time I felt accountable as it was something I had to incorporate every day into my life and had Chelsie as a reference when I was struggling, as instead of just creating the guides, she was part of them. Shortly after starting Bikini Obsession, I also started Personal Training with her to help accomplish some of the goals I hoped to achieve outside of the program. Bikini Obsession, paired with having Chelsie as my trainer, was the best decision I have made thus far regarding my health and fitness, as the changes that have occurred in the last three months are unreal. I am more confident, making and being aware of healthy eating choices and habits, I love going to the gym (which I hated before), and feel like I am the best version of myself."

- Sarah Smith


"I had been following Chelsie (HOW) for about 3 years before I finally said enough is enough and reached out. I was catching myself hiding from photos, not wanting to go run errands and saying no to hanging out with friends which made me realize I needed to change. 
I walked in to meet with Chelsie for the first time and caught the tail end of a group class and was very intimidated. All these beautiful strong women kicking ass and then there was me. However Chelsie never once made me feel weak or out of place, instead, it was the complete opposite. She pushes you to the point where you do not think you can go on. And once you've hit that wall, she's right there encouraging you even more and not allowing you to give up on yourself. I told Chels my goals the first time I met her almost expecting her to laugh, but instead, she was all business and immediately started taking action. Now looking back, this was the BEST decision I ever made. Not only have I blown my goals out of the water but I have already made another list of goals for us to reach together. It's such an empowering feeling and such a positive environment. I cannot say enough wonderful things about HOW and most importantly Chelsie. The time I have put in with Chels has completely changed my life. She has not only taught me how to properly workout and eat but to respect my body, and to love myself. HOW is truly a family, you walk into a group class and you aren't alone. All these strong women all are there for the same reason, to kick ass, and welcome you with arms wide open regardless of size and strength. I will forever be a member of HOW. 
Thank you Chelsie. You are truly an amazing trainer and friend." -Carly

"I woke up and couldn’t find anything to wear because I didn’t feel confident or comfortable in any of my clothes. I felt fat, ugly, and gross. I would attempt a gym membership and start crying in the parking lot at the thought of going in there and making a fool out of myself in front of everybody. I would attempt to go for a run and after a block, I would be out of breath. I felt so discouraged and down on myself and felt like I could never stick to anything long enough to make a change. I sent Chelsie an email and we set up a meeting that week, I was nervous. Chels was so different then what I had pictured in my head. She, of course, had an amazing body but she was not bulging muscles and veins as I had stereotypically figured! I immediately felt comfortable with her and laid everything down on the table.  I was worried about cost and money but Chels was extremely flexible and made it completely affordable for me. I also worked full time and had a busy 18-month-old. I had the time it was just a matter of priorities and to stop making excuses for myself. In my first session, I was completely, utterly terrified. I had no reason to be – it was fantastic. When we got to the working out part I felt more comfortable because it was just Chelsie and me, she was so uplifting and encouraging and positive that session after session my anxiety about working out faded. I was growing more confident in myself as I could start to see the weight coming off and with my diet changes, I felt lighter, not as heavy. Her nutritional knowledge is extensive and one of my misconceptions was that I would be eating steamed broccoli for the rest of my life. Chels also had me running, having her hold me accountable for completing my runs helped me to actually stick with it and I can now run over 5km without stopping. Each workout with Chels was different, I never knew what to expect and learned so many new exercises each session. Somewhere along the way, I began to enjoy my runs and my workouts and I felt better than I ever have. I feel healthy, fit and strong. I have yet to weigh myself, I honestly can say that I don’t care about my weight anymore. I am healthy and active and that feels so much better than being a number on a scale. I have gone from a 36C to a 32B bra size and went from size 10 pants to a size 2. Signing up with Healthy Obsession is the best decision I ever could have made for myself. Thanks, Chels!"

- Amber Norris

"As a former competitive athlete, I have had some amazing trainers in the past, and then some not so great trainers. So when I was looking to make a change I did quite a bit research on different trainers throughout the city. I followed Healthy Obsession Wellness for quite some time, and through Chelsie's website and Instagram posts, I was able to get a good feel for her outlook on healthy living. From there, I booked a free consultation so I could hear right from Chelsie how she would be here to support me on my journey. I am so grateful I did. My journey has not been an easy one with just simply "eating clean and exercising right" and hoping it would all fall into place. There was much more going on with my mind, body, rest and daily routine that needed to be addressed. Chelsie gave me a safe space to find these answers. If I didn't have Chelsie pushing me to dig deeper to find the answers I would have given up. I was very frustrated at times and she always kept her cool and provided other possible solutions. Without her, I would have never found the missing piece to my healthy living equation! Chelsie made it less about a goal and more about what I wanted for my health long term. I find some trainers can make you feel guilty for not losing the weight right away, and when you are frustrated enough you just need someone in your corner helping you look at the bigger picture. Chelsie is that kind of trainer. On the other side of it, she is fiercely educated in her field of exercise and nutrition. I have taken both personal training and Bootcamp style with Chelsie which resulted in huge changes for my body and kept things interesting. The women you meet through Bootcamp are a fun-loving and supportive group of women that will make your journey that much more rewarding! If you're looking for a change and want to get your butt kicked with zero mercy-- HOW is for you."

- Ashleigh Kirby

"It was difficult to put my experience into words as no words can possibly describe how much you and your company changed my life.
During the wedding planning process, all you can think about is the dress, its suppose to be a fun and exciting experience… though it ended with tears when the dream dress looked awful, the store had to order a size 20…That moment I made the decision to make a change. I began researching and looking for someone to help me reach my goal of losing 20 pounds (I ended up losing 45!) and become more body confident. I was told about Healthy Obsession Wellness and began following her on Facebook. I liked what I saw so set up a meeting with Chelsie. After meeting, discussing my goals and getting to know Chelsie and her vision I made the decision to join. I have to say it was the best choice I have ever made. Though for the first couple of months I had my ass handed to me, sweat more than I knew was possible and could hardly move after a workout I learned so much about myself. Running isn't as hard or terrifying as it looked, and that exercise is more of a mental game than a physical. With the help of Chelsie I slowly started breaking down my mental walls and started challenging myself to do more. The environment she created allowed me to feel safe and confident. She let me complain, motivated me to keep going and challenged me every chance she got just to show me how strong I actually was. After a couple of months of personal training, I was introduced to team training. My first thought when Chelsie told me to come try it was Oh God, as my experience with working out in groups of other women was not very positive. When I showed up, I showed up to a group of smiling and welcoming faces. These girls cheered me on, supported me through every exercise and became like a second family to me. With my wedding just around the corner Chelsie never let me down, she kept me going even after I reached my goal plus more and always pushed me off my butt when I wanted to quit. I can officially kiss 45 pounds goodbye, thanks to her I will never see it again. These words don’t nearly describe how amazing my experience was and how great this company is. You honestly have to try it yourself."
-Ashley Anderson

"When I first started my fitness journey, I took a yoga class in Chelsie's gym. My friend and I would be doing our light, gentle Sunday yoga and we would see Chelsie during her sessions. We both knew that she was hard-core, but that her workouts were what we really needed to be doing. Being a new mom, I stopped caring for myself and was in pretty rough shape. My goal was simple - to lose weight. After my first session with Chels I wasn't sure if I could last 12 weeks! Every muscle in my body hurt, muscles I didn't even know existed. But somehow I made it through, and though it never got easier, I could feel myself getting stronger. Chelsie would push me harder than I thought I could work because she saw in me what I couldn't; an athlete! My goal changed from just shedding pounds, to see how far I could run, or how much I could squat with. Chelsie helped me completely change my outlook on health and fitness. For the first time in my life, I was inspiring others to be healthier and everyone around me noticed a massive change. I can't thank Chelsie enough for giving me my life back!"

-Katie Hobbs

"The best decision I made was choosing to take that leap and doing personal training with Chelsie. My biggest working out obstacle was self-belief! When I thought I couldn’t do something I was never allowed to give in. There was no shouting, no humiliation, just pure encouragement and belief and dedication from Chelsie. I achieved what I believed to be impossible. My best result from working with Chelsie? Self-belief!  

Chelsie's upbeat, positive and energetic personality shows through her studio as she provides a real sense of community. Starting off not knowing if I was doing "it right" I never felt silly for asking questions. Chelsie is committed to making you feel good, cheering you on, making you laugh and feel powerful every time you step into her studio.  She was always available to answer questions while she provided me with the proper nutrition tips for snacks and meals along with some home workouts to fit my lifestyle as a flight attendant who lives on the go 24/7. 

Chelsie is knowledgeable and inspirational, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for personal training or to join her team training classes!"

-Malorie Brown

"When I first met Chelsie at HOW I was a bit skeptical. I’d always played sports and trained at a lot of different gyms with a lot of different trainers. I wasn’t sure what kind of results I could get having tried so many other workouts before. I dove into HOW, doing Bikini Obsession, combined with personal training and team training. The difference with Chelsie and HOW is accountability and the fun! She was there to check in on my diet and workouts throughout and was always able to change it up and make it more challenging when I needed it. Team training with an amazing group of ladies made it fun and even competitive (in a good way) to workout- they all were encouraging throughout, I looked forward to working out with them. Thanks, Chelsie- for the push I needed!!"
-Danielle Regan

"I moved to London in July 2015 and wanted to find a personal trainer to help me get in shape for my wedding in November. I found Chelsie through a friend, and from the beginning when I emailed her and met with her to get acquainted and talk about goals, I felt like this is someone who understands what I'm aiming for and was realistic about how we could make that happen. I started personal training with Chelsie, and over 4 months lost 25 lbs.  I had to get my wedding dress taken in multiple times because I was losing inches.  She made the workouts enjoyable (if that is even possible haha) and pushed me to do my best, but not so that I was dreading every minute ;) Not only did she help me to get fit and keep the sessions varied and interesting, since I was new to London she also recommended a hairstylist and makeup artist for my wedding that was amazing! (@ckmua_ and @somahairco) Chelsie is so down to earth and easy to talk to and we had many enjoyable chats during our workouts.  I also did team training with Chelsie from 2015 to 2017, and only stopped when I was 7 months pregnant! Team training is awesome and such a great workout and group of ladies that are fun and welcoming, and I miss it! I hope to fit working out with Chelsie again soon into my new schedule with a baby, and would recommend anyone looking to start an exercise program or continue/advance their fitness to give Chelsie a call, you will be happy you did."

- Kristen Schmalz

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"About 6 months ago I decided to invest some time in myself for my health and more importantly my wellbeing. I knew I needed someone to hold me accountable to the goals I had set for myself, someone who would push me to achieve more than I ever imagined I was capable of. That extraordinary person is Chelsie. I'm am a very commitment-oriented person, the problem with that is that my commitment to work always overshadowed the commitment I needed to make to myself. From the moment I met Chelsie I knew she was the person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I am truly inspired by her passion to help her clients. Your goals, become her goals. You are a team, on the journey to becoming the version of yourself that you always wanted to be. She challenged me and pushed me, she showed me what I was capable of accomplishing when I made that time for ME! In the 6 months I've been working with Chelsie I've seen amazing results. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Chelsie is passionate about her clients and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy-going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get the results I've always wanted. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Chelsie will lead you every step of the way."
-Amy Andrews

"Even after having been through months of Bootcamp with Chelsie, working one on one with her was a whole new experience. No more hiding behind the other girls. At first, my goal was a simple one: Fit into my wedding dress, but once I started seeing the changes in myself; in my appearance, how I felt and what I was able to achieve, I knew I wanted more. Without Chelsie I would never have met my goals so quickly and I would have never continued to set new goals for myself. I think that most people ask for personal training under the pretense of "looking hot”, but it really turns into so much more when you work with Chelsie. She helps you to develop such an amazing relationship with your fitness and your body. I have had the pleasure of working with her for a year now and have been able to see her interacting with all different clients, with different levels of fitness and with different goals for themselves. Chelsie is always encouraging and treats every client with such care and respect. We are a lucky group of girls to have her as our coach and always look forward to seeing new members added to our team."

- Melissa Ahlstrom

"I stumbled across Chelsie and Healthy Obsession Wellness by chance and can say that the program she provided me with was the exact health kick-start that I needed in my life. I have always been active, competing in long-distance running since I was young. But, I had lost a lot of my drive to stay active throughout my undergrad, never quite felt happy with my body and felt overwhelmed by the amount of effort I thought I was putting into my fitness regime and the lack of results. I knew to stick to a workout regime wasn't my problem, it was diet; I questioned if I had the willpower to stay on track with the changes Chelsie was making to my diet. I definitely worried about how it would effect my life socially, but here I am 12 weeks out of starting the program, still enjoying being social with a whole new body that I am proud of to boot! Chelsie showed me how a lot of little changes could go a long way for me. Chelsie's positive body talk, encouragement, nutritional guidance, and great workouts brought me back to a fitness level that I have wanted to be for years. Even though I can say I've completed the 12 week Bikini Obsession, I don't plan on stopping anything! I have taken away so much about what my body needs and definitely doesn't need to feel good. And also that the scale is just a number and shouldn't effect how you feel about yourself, I didn't lose a pound in 12 weeks! I can't thank Chelsie enough for that push to get my butt into gear and highly suggest anyone who is thinking about taking their health back into their own hands, to just commit and do it! I promise you to have nothing to lose (except maybe a couple pounds!)"
- Kate Schieman

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"After browsing through Healthy Obsession's page, day after day, and consistently contemplating to make the leap for a better me, I finally did it. And let me say, it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I never was athletic or knew how to work out properly. My diet was never terrible but I did indulge in fast food and alcohol regularly. Not only did I challenge myself with the workouts but also with the meal plan she provided. Since I made the switch to a better me I have not returned to my old ways and I am never looking back. Though most importantly meeting Chels and getting to know her and the rest of the team for the last two years, has been such a wonderful experience for me in so many ways. I cannot thank them enough for always being so supportive, pushing me further, and believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I am so happy I chose Healthy Obsession and have made so many great friends and coaches in the process."

 -Claire Baldson

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"This past year has been full of some crazy changes, Chelsie and Healthy Obsession has been with me every step of the way. When I first met with Chelsie for personal training, I felt an automatic connection. She is encouraging, nonjudgemental and just an incredible person and friend. Through HOW, I actually started a healthy lifestyle! It became so much less about how much I weighed, and so much more about how I felt. I focused so much less on trying to be skinny and so much more on getting stronger. It’s been one year since I joined HOW. For the first time ever I walk around with my head up and my shoulders back, proud of the body that I have worked so hard for. Not to mention the amazing group classes that I have made friends for life at! The workouts are fun, hard and she actually teaches you exercises you can do outside of the regular classes. Healthy Obsession Wellness has become exactly that, a healthy obsession! I couldn’t be more grateful for Chelsie and the confidence she has given me to live a healthier lifestyle!"

-Maddison Hackett

"One year ago, I decided it was time to gain control of my health. Little did I know at the time that I was about to experience the biggest transformation beyond what I ever thought possible. I have always battled the weight gain/loss rollercoaster and would lose weight through “crash” diets and tons of cardio, only to gain the weight back and more so. Eventually, “not enough time in the day,” became a standard excuse...that and I spent a good year battling sciatic nerve pain in my back and leg when I injured my back – likely due to the extra weight I was carrying around. When I made the commitment to finally change my lifestyle and get back in control of my weight, I jumped in with both feet – giving Chelsie, and myself, a 10-month commitment – and I have never looked back. My expectations to lose 25 or 30 pounds became a reality beyond what I thought possible. By the end of the year, I was down over 50 pounds!!!! Trying to fit physical activity into my busy schedule is no longer an issue; it is my priority; my lifestyle – no matter how long my workday is or what city I am working in that week, my gym bag is always packed and ready to go. I am now running 7-10km on a regular basis and tackled my first 15km outdoor run last fall.  Chelsie took me to limits physically that I never thought capable of myself.  She has not only been my personal trainer, but also my nutritionist, recipe guru, 24/7 supporter and definitely a true friend. She has taught me more about eating “clean” and loving it than I ever thought I could do. I know how to make the proper choices when I am shopping, cooking or eating in restaurants. Tweaking recipes to include clean ingredients that I will consume is a rewarding challenge – especially when others ask you for the recipe after trying it!! I have so much more energy now and I am stronger and more fit at 43 years old than I was in my 20’s. I was wearing size 16 jeans last year, Now I am buying size 8 pants and looking forward to wearing a bikini again this summer for the first time in years!! When I see photos from a year ago, I can barely look at them, and I never want to go back there. This is the best life choice I have ever made, for myself and everyone around me.  When complete strangers at the gym or 20-something ladies at Team Training tell me that I have “inspired” them, I can’t even believe it; but it is so encouraging and rewarding and a part of what keeps me going! This journey has absolutely changed my life forever; I can’t imagine doing anything differently now. I feel fit, healthy, motivated and in control. 

Thank you Chelsie!"

-Lisa O'brien

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